What was to be night two of a back to back for Austin, Texas’ indie legends Spoon unexpectedly became a last minute night one for Saint Paul music goers. Vocalist Britt Daniel let the highly energetic crowd on Friday evening know that it was the first time in his career (a hefty one, as he co-founded Spoon with drummer and composer Jim Zeno back in 1992) that he had ever have to cancel a show because of his voice. All this to say – emotions were running at an almost fever pitch for their run through the Palace late last night. The crowd was ready to experience what they had expected to be a second night of Spoon and instead suddenly became the first crowd in the city to bask in their impressive live performances after a long pandemic driven hiatus.

Opening for Spoon was New York City’s singer-songwriter Margaret Glaspy. Glaspy’s tight knit troop set the stage for Spoon with a romping series of personal, powerful songs ranging in inspiration from heartbreak to the radically political, putting her entire heart out on the stage for all to see. Glaspy’s chemistry with her onstage brethren made her charm irresistible, as they smiled and played off each other every song, glowing smiles lighting up the theater. She evoked the best in independent artists, at once a beacon for individual expression but using that dynamic to fill an entire room. Glaspy is currently on tour to support her 2020 release Devotion available on ATO Records.

Spoon took the stage after a brief intermission and the crowd swelled massively in size. It was impossible to not feel the brimming anticipation, and when Daniels and co. took the stage that excitement boiled over – with deafening effects. Spoon opened the night with a cover – Smog’s Held, basking the room with their large strobe towers in a warm red glow. Guitars swung all over the stage as they covered the complete story of their discography. Spoon’s appeal has always included a certain mark of intimacy, and watching the 6 musicians on stage bring an intense, electric presence to songs that could be listened to in a personal space and make just as much sense was nothing short of artistic wizardry. Spoon took to the stage for well over two hours, playing not one but two encores, closing the night out with fan favorite I Turn My Camera On. 

Fans can still grab tickets to see them when they return to Saint Paul on the 24th at First Avenue.

Margaret Glaspy