Hot off their Coachella performance, LA Native Alternative Rock band, WALLOWS, played a SOLD OUT show at the Fox Theater in Pomona, CA on Monday night April 18th.

WALLOWS fans brought the energy & gave the opening band, The Regrettes (who also played Coachella), a warm welcome & sang along to their catchy tunes. You would have assumed that The Regrettes were the headliners based on the audience’s engagement. They, without a doubt, warmed up the crowd & got them prepped for the sold-out headliners of the night.

Fans became antsy as the final minutes were approaching of WALLOWS starting their set. The music stops, the crowd roars, & members Dylan Minette, Braeden Lemasters, & Cole Preston make their way to the stage.

They opened up with “Hard to Believe,” and everyone went nuts! WALLOWS received a few bouquets of flowers from the crowd as they continued to perform their “coming of age” like melodies.

WALLOWS vocalist, Dylan Minette, did a fantastic job keeping the crowd amped & ready for more. “Quarterback” is the title of the 6th song they performed & Cole Preston (drums) took to the front of the stage & sang while Dylan (vocals & guitar) took over the drums. We love a band that can do it all!

The Regrettes vocalist, Lydia Night, was brought back on stage to perform “Permanent Price” alongside WALLOWS. Night & Minette are romantically together & this was their second time performing this song side by side. The crowd went wild when Lydia snuck some kisses on the cheek to Dylan before heading off stage.

As they finished their last song, “Pleaser” & thanked the audience for coming out, fans were not ready to leave just yet. Stomps started forming & the encore words of “ONE MORE SONG!” were shouted throughout The Fox Theater. You could almost feel the entire venue shaking, and a minute later, WALLOWS returned to perform their 3-song encore.

A very mild mosh pit was created & every gender joined in on the fun. Their second encore song was fan’s choice. It seemed that the audience expected this as signs arose from the audience & WALLOWS members were reading out which songs they should perform. They chose “Drunk on Halloween.” Fans were jumping, dancing, singing their hearts out, and even holding onto each other as they watched their favorite band perform.

WALLOWS performed their massive hit to finish the electrifying night, “Are You Bored Yet?” and everyone shouted the lyrics alongside Dylan Minette.

The energy was still flowing as they exited the stage and as fans dispersed.

The Regrettes