Christian Death brought their goth metal sound to the depths of The Nile Underground in Mesa, Arizona on May 18th 2022. Touring on the release of their latest album Evil Becomes Rule, they show no signs of slowing down.

Luna 13, the opener from Los Angeles, describe their sound as Black/Bass/Metal but there really are no words to describe what you are witnessing. The bass heavy beats produced by Doc Luna just crush you as you are transfixed on the movements and vocals from Lilith Bathory. Touring on the release their newest album Gorgo, Luna 13 bring such a dark and brutal sound that you want to run away but you just can’t. You are instantly hypnotized by Lilith’s flowing robes as she delves into “Dig” to open the set. As the evening progressed, so did the darkness. From the blood pouring from a skull to the tiny fetus during “Unborn”, the crowd could do nothing but stare in amazement as they are pulled in. If you ever get the chance to see this duo, do not, I repeat, do not miss it. Your soul will thank me.

Christian Death, the goth rock veterans, in support of their 17th, yes 17th album, Evil Becomes Rule, came out with The Alpha and Omega from the newest release and continued to play through it’s entirety before drifting back to some of their earlier classics to the delight of the hardcore fans in attendance, such as “Angels and Drugs”, “Sick of Love”, and ending with “This is Heresy”, one of their most iconic songs.

Luna 13

Christian Death