Arguable one of the most influential alternative metal/alt rock bands of our generation, the Deftones, came to Nashville Friday night for a raucous show at the Metro Nashville Municipal Auditorium.

Opening up the night was VOWWS, an electronic duo from Australia. The duo which now calls Los Angeles home brought a spooky goth vibe to the venue. This seemed a bit out of place for me on this tour, as it is a pretty hard and heavy tour, so to have a mostly instrumental opener seemed weird. The early arriving crowd didn’t seem to mind, as they bopped and danced their way to their seats to the spooky tunes coming from the red lit and smoke filled stage.

Second up on the bill was the amazing French metal band Gojira. The band features brothers Joe (vocals/guitar) and Marie Duplantier (drums) accompanied by Christian Andrea on lead guitar and Jean-Michel Labadie on Bass. The very heavy and progressive band definitely upped the energy level, as the crowd erupted and came alive forming several small circle pits during their set. Gojira has been around for many years, having formed in 1996 under the name Godzilla, before tweaking the lineup and renaming to Gojira in 2001. The band has constantly put out music since, having released seven studio albums, and several Live DVD’s. Their most recent offering Fortitude was released in April of 2021 via Roadrunner Records. The album was heralded by many on their year end lists for 2021 and has garnered the band a 2022 Grammy Award nomination for Best Metal Performance, which they ultimately lost out to veterans Dream Theater during the April 2022 award ceremony.

Last but certainly not least came The Deftones. The Sacramento, CA based band has been around for as long as I can remember. Fronted by 48year old Chino Moreno who other than physically presenting as older, there was nothing old about his performance. Moreno’s voice was on point, for someone like Moreno who screams/growls quite a lot, you would think that their voice would give out – but Moreno seems to have just gotten better with age. As a youngster he commanded not only a stage but the entire venue, and last night was no exception. As the lights dimmed a low roar started emerging from the crowd, smoke filled the stage and as the smoke slowly settled and the silhouettes of guitarist Stephen Carpenter, Abe Cunningham (drums) and touring bassist Fred Sablan, began to be revealed – the roar increased becoming near deafening as the silhouette of Moreno became visible at the back of the stage. The opening instrumental intro to “Genesis” began with Moreno stood at the back of the stage, once the beat dropped he rushed the front of the stage bent over in his signature style and belted out the opening line “I Reject | Both side of what I’m being told.” The song which also serves as the opening of their 2021 Reprise records release Ohms was the only song other than the title track itself that the band played from the new album, which clearly demonstrates the longevity of this band. Having released nine studio albums, several compilations and demo albums, this band has a very deep catalog of fan favorites, which was proven as the band quickly dove right into their archives with “Rocket Skates” off their 2010 Reprise records release Diamond Eyes.

The Deftones remain one of the most influential bands still to this day. As many bands struggle to survive in todays music market, and battle with internal conflict the Deftones have for the most part remained the same core group, and are proving that they do not plan on hanging it up any time soon.

You can catch the boys on tour in the US through the end of the month, before the head overseas for the summer tour season.

Deftones Setlist: Genesis | Rocket Skates | Prayers/Triangles | Royal | Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) | My Own Summer (Shove It) | Tempest | Swerve City | Digital Bath | Knife Party | Beware | Sextape | Diamond Eyes | Rosemary | Bloody Cape | Change (In the House of Flies) | Ohms ENOCRE: Lotion | Engine No 9