It was FOZZY Friday in Southern California on May 6 at The Garden Amp as the Heavy Metal rockers brought the “Save the World” tour to The Garden Amp to celebrate the release of their eighth studio album Boombox released earlier that day.

Now 22 years into their existence, FOZZY is one of the premier metal bands in existence led by the charismatic and outspoken professional wrestler Chris Jericho who happens to be a superb frontman – if Paul Stanley and David Lee Roth had a child – that is Chris Jericho. The talent does not end there as original guitarist Rich Ward is one of the best in the business as is his six-string counterpart Billy Grey and on bass the brilliant P. J. Farley from Trixter with the young newcomer to the band Grant Brooks on drums – a well-rounded super talented band.

The show kicked off with their new single off Boombox, the super catchy and riff laden “Sane”. This song carries on the tradition of the fantastic string of “radio anthems” FOZZY has put out over the years. Jericho immediately had the Garden Grove crowd in the palm of his hands and the band then went into one of their most fun songs “Drinkin with Jesus”. Jericho encouraged the “FOZZY” chants in between songs and dazzled all with his stage moves and vocal prowess all night long.

While Jericho is obviously the focal point live, Ward and Grey are extremely active onstage – between interacting with each other and getting down in the face of the crowd, these two never stop moving. In true fashion of an old-school rock n roll show – Ward and Grey were given the opportunity to impress the crowd with some killer guitar solos as Jericho took a step back and let the six-string prowess take place.

Brooks is a hard-hitting drummer with a very entertaining style as he and Farley hold down the rhythms and low end throughout the show. The set was choc full of hits – “Lights Go Out”, “I Still Burn” and many more – the band played “Relax” – a Frankie Goes to Hollywood cover off the new album and ended the set with “Sandpaper” before a two-song encore of “Judas” and then ending the night with a cover of AC/DC’s “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap”.

FOZZY gave Southern California one of the most dynamic and fun rock n roll shows that you will see in 2022. A force to be reckoned with, do not miss FOZZY live!!

KrashKarma and GFM played prior to FOZZY and WOW were these two bands extremely entertaining. KrashKarma is a two piece that will rock your face off with their driving sound and GFM is three sisters that have perfectly combined the sound of Paramore and Slipknot into what they call “Beautycore” – heavy music with a positive message.

FOZZY Set List:

Sane | Drinkin With Jesus | Painless | Nowhere to Run | Do You Wanna Start a War | Lights Go Out | Relax (Frankie Goes to Hollywood cover) | Sin and Bones | I Still Burn | Burn Me Out | Purifier | Enemy | Sandpaper

Encore: Judas | Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (AC/DC cover)