Laura Pergolizzi or better known as LP, played a magnificent show at Nashville’s legendary Ryman Auditorium on 05/11/2022 to a packed house. Her stage presences was outstanding as she sang one beautiful song after another stopping many times to interact with the audience on an authentic personal level.

LP has been writing and performing her music all over the world for the past 20 years with many of her songs reaching platinum status throughout Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Australia. Born in Long Island, Laura Pergolizzi adopted the stage name of LP after moving to New York City. From those early days until the present, she has gained a following of fans from all ages with her brilliant lyrics that seem to capture the realities of life in ways that touch one’s inner most thoughts. Additionally, LP has written songs for many major artists, television shows, and commercial advertising campaigns.

LP’s latest album “Churches” was released in 2021 and seems to cross many genres in memorable ways that truly demonstrates her lyrical as well as vocal excellence. Her current US tour wraps up in May, but from there LP will be heading to Mexico and then to crisscross Europe through September. For more information on LP, visit her website at

Opening for LP was Nick Leng a classical trained pianist who has created a unique smooth indie pop sound that sets him apart from all other artists in this genre. Nick sang while playing the piano accompanied only by drummer Daniel Karasev and together they performed a wonderful set that seemed to catch the Ryman’s audience by surprise. Nick was a perfect match to open the night out for LP. He also sang with LP during her performance for a bit later that evening.

Nick’s latest album is “Lemons” (2020), but he released a somewhat shorter 2021 version “Lemons (Live from Drive-In OC)”. For more information on upcoming shows, merch, and music visit

Nick Leng