Maxwell’s “The Night Tour” brought the house down April 29th at Kia Forum in Inglewood, CA. The audience was energetic and excited for Maxwell and his tour family JOE and Anthony Hamilton.

JOE opened the show with R&B/Pop hits like “Stutter”, “All the Things (Your Man Won’t Do)”, “Faded Pictures”, “Still Not a Player”, and “I Wanna Know”. Anthony Hamilton was up next and delivered an amazing set of songs from his music collective. He brought the audience to their feet with hits like “So in Love”, “Comin’ From Where I’m From” and “Charlene”. He had the audience in his hands and had them singing to his signature ballad “Point of It All”.

Maxwell’s 75-minute performance opened with an amazing take on “Sumthin’ Sumthin” which led into “Lifetime” and then “Fortunate”. It was evident that Maxwell possesses that sensual presence that he commands from his female fans. He was non-stop in his performance, bringing hit after hit with songs like “Bad Habits”, “Stop the World”, and “Always and Forever”. At one point Maxwell was overcome with emotion when he stood away from the microphone to listen to the audience sing “Ascension”. The encore of the night was when Maxwell came back from an emotional departure to sing a fan favorite “Whenever Wherever Whatever”. 

Don’t miss the “The Night Tour” live with this talented trio of artists!

Maxwell Set List:

Sumthin’ Sumthin’ | Dancewithme | Lifetime | Fortunate | Bad Habits | Stop the World | Always and Forever | Off | Pretty Wings | Fistful of Tears | Lake by the Ocean | Get to Know Ya | Ascension

Encore: Whenever Wherever Whatever

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