Brooklyn Bowl Nashville hosted a killer show by Royal Blood earlier this week. I was surprised to meet so many fans who had traveled from several States away to see this show. One thing I heard over and over again was that they thought Royal Blood is one of the best bands ever to come out of the UK, and after seeing them play I defiantly understand their enthusiasm. The band jammed for over 90 minutes with intense dynamic charge, they had an excellent light show that matched every beat, and both band members crowd-surfed the entire main floor of the packed venue.

Royal Blood is a two person band from England. Mike Kerr on bass and vocals and Ben Thatcher on drums. Mike use of different bass guitars coupled with effects peddles and amps, create a powerful standard electric hard rock guitar sound while Mike pounds away on a magnificent drum set that includes a 40” Zildjian Gong. Together, these two musicians have a thunderous sound that is purely unique yet still based in metal garage rock.

Royal Blood has recorded three albums to date with their latest Typhoons released last year (2021). They have received several awards like Best New Band, Best Live Band, and Best Band of the Year in the UK along with countless nominations. Royal Blood will conclude this portion of their US tour in Boston on May 24th and then travel back to tour Europe for several weeks before returning to play in Chicago’s Lollapalooza 2022 in July.

Opening for Royal Blood was Cleopatrick, a Canadian grunge hard rock duo based out of Cobourg, Ontario. Ian Fraser and Luke Gruntz grew up in Coboug becoming friends when they only 4 years old. It was ACDC that first fueled their interest in music leading the boys to start recording in their teens. Cleopatrick’s first EP 14 was released on February 14, 2016, but their popularity rose when they released Hometown that next year. From that point on the duo has recorded several singles, two EP’s, and their first album Bummer (2021).

Cleopatrick delivered exactly what the packed house desired. They charged up the audience with a solid 30 plus minute performance of energetic forceful rock. Cleopatrick will finish out the US Royal Blood tour this month, and then head to Europe to tour.


Royal Blood