Mongolian Hunnu rockers The Hu have taken the world by storm over the last six years with their traditional Mongolian instrumentation and throat singing and their Black Thunder tour made a stop at the Cannery Ballroom in Nashville TN on Monday May the 9th.

The band is still out touring in support of their 2019 release The Gereg while also teasing new material from their sophomore release due later this year. As the band took the stage chants of Hu, Hu, Hu began as all members took their place on stage and began an entertaining and interesting display of music. The drumbeats are mesmerizing and the throat singing along with the chants are what really hooks you into this totally unique musical genre that generated headbanging, dancing and lots of smiles.

The Hu ended this magical night with a distinctive yet killer rendition of Metallica’s “Sad But True”. The night started off with a high energy set by Florida rockers The Haunt that perfectly primed the early birds in attendance.

The Haunt

The Hu