Finland Brings One Of Their Best Historical Tales Of Death Metal To Los Angeles With Demilich

Cover Photo by Sam Jamsen

2022 in Los Angeles has been blessed with all varieties of live death metal shows, and it’s only six months in to the year. Most of the touring shows that run through LA have landed at 1720, a large warehouse venue downtown, and on Thursday June 9th, 2022 a very special performance of Finland’s Demilich blew fans into a billion pieces. Despite having recently performed at Maryland Deathfest, the likely-hood that Demilich has ever played on the west coast of the US before this show is very slim. To support this deathly delight were Divine Eve from Texas, and two California bands Kommand and Apparition.

Starting just past 7:30, Apparition took the stage, and it was a great surprise as a first time live experience with the band. They were a very impressive quartet of brutal death along with some doomy, and more melodic moments as well. They were a breath of fresh air for newer death metal bands, and they had a great understanding of tempo, and how to mess with it in just the right ways to concoct a recipe of success.

Next up was Kommand who never disappoints with their blackened thrash paced tunes. They built up the momentum until the end, despite having a hard act to follow in this setting. Sometimes their thrashed-out solos are laced with non-stop chaos, but when they take it more into the die hard heavy realm it pans out in a more comprehensive way. Not too long ago they played a more hardcore oriented show, and their style stood out in a stronger way there for whatever reason. All in all, this band is a great force to be reckoned with at any event, and should certainly not be missed for their sheer energy alone.

Heading to the stage after Kommand was Divine Eve who have an interesting mix of influences behind their sound. They range from doom to death to grind, and a bit of thrash elements that actually come across mostly in the vocals. The booming bass kicks and beats from Rhett Thorgrimm Davis certainly did not go unnoticed. He’s a master at his craft for sure, and can also be found behind the kit in about four other bands including Gravehill. Although Divine Eve may have been the most organically structured of all the bands, they were a nice variable to the earlier heaviness of the night, and a peaceful break from the chaos of what was to come.

Around 10:20 the room filled up to a packed up crowd of very excited fans in preparation for Demilich to take the stage. For those unfamiliar with the excitement here, the band has been around since the very early nineties in the death metal scene with some hiatus here and there, but only have one studio album plus some demo releases.

They put on a fantastic witty and brilliantly brutal set for about an hour and ten minutes. In terms of their semi- unreadable logo, they win the prize for a perfectly descriptive pictorial verbiage. The special part of this Finnish band is hearing the commentary from the vocalist when he’s about to announce song names like “The Sixteenth Six-Tooth Son of Fourteen Four-Regional Dimensions (Still Unnamed),” and “The Planet that Once Used to Absorb Flesh in Order to Achieve Divinity and Immortality (Suffocated to the Flesh that it Desired…).” Imagine these titles spoken in death growl language with a Finnish accent, and it will be just like real life on that LA Thursday evening.

Their song concepts are fairly “gross” and the titles are epic, but the tunes are so fantastically brutally to the point. They seem to base their style in early death grind, and they really can’t be topped in heaviness despite their lighthearted attitude. They have a very unique presence, and although it is quite hilarious to witness some of the banter, the ultimate agenda and music behind the madness is no laughing matter. The pit was having a blast, and the crowd was super into the entire Demilich set. This is a niche that some may just not understand, but those who do are one-hundred percent in. Those who missed out on this one really missed out on a rare and unexplainable fun filled, heavy weighted ideal. Until the next time, näkemiin toistaiseksi.