Limp Bizkit Still Does NOT Suck and they proved that Tuesday night May 31 at Toyota Arena in Ontario, CA as they played the last show of their 19-date month long “Limp Bizkit Still Sucks Tour” supporting their October 2021 release Still Sucks.

Having not released a new record since 2011’s Gold Cobra. Limp Bizkit fans have been desperately waiting for new music and the Still Sucks record hits hard with 10 killer tracks that is without out a doubt some of their best recordings of their career. After Fred Durst revealed his new “Dad Vibe” image at Lollapalooza in August of 2021 and played a marvelous show, fans were foaming at the mouth for a proper tour.

The show began with Durst sitting in a recliner in somewhat of a living room stage setup and he went into “Dad Vibes” that soon had the entire band onstage with him. Durst sporting shoulder length white hair, a handlebar mustache and red sunglasses was without a doubt the focal point of the night as he blasted out his lyrical magic for each song and in between songs.

The show was high energy throughout with Wes Borland in white face-paint and a black mask serving up his trademark riffs and guitar mastery while Sam Rivers on bass and John Otto on drums kept the rhythm together all with DJ Lethal perched high on a riser mixing up the samples.

The band played three songs off the new album and of course mixed in their explosive cover of Ministry’s “Thieves” with some Metallica riffage as the intro as well as fan favorites like “Hot Dog” and “Nookie”, the Toyota Arena was singing out loud the entire time.

Durst had fans onstage to sing with him, Wargasm UK’s Sam Matlock came out to sing on “Take A Look Around” and the stage become filled with VIP’s, opening bands and whoever as the last song of the night “Break Stuff” had all the house lights on and everyone jumping around stage – a magical way to end the night and the tour for that matter.

As stated earlier – Limp Bizkit proved once again they really DO NOT suck and have become one of the premier live bands out there in 2022.

Opening the show was the hardcore duo Wargasm UK and the hardcore punk infused Dying Wish – both of which provided energetic sets to help get the Toyota Arena properly wound up for Limp Bizkit.

Limp Bizkit Set List:

Dad Vibes | Out of Style | Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle) | Thieves (Ministry cover) | Hot Dog | My Way | My Generation | Livin’ It Up | Eat You Alive | Re-Arranged | Boiler | Nookie | Full Nelson | Don’t Change (INXS cover) | Faith (George Michael cover) | Take a Look Around | Break Stuff

Wargasm UK

Dying Wish

Limp Bizkit