Puscifer, is the multi-dimensional, creative subconscious project led by Tool/A Perfect Circle’s Maynard James Keenan. The eclectic frontman made a stop with Puscifer on their current tour in Los Angeles on Sunday June 12 playing to a capacity crowd at The Greek Theater. Along for the ride in the opening slot on this night was Keenan’s bandmate in A Perfect Circle, Billy Howerdel.

Out supporting their 2020 release Existential Reckoning the night began with a pre-recorded video of Keenan asking the audience to refrain from using cell phones during the show but that for the most part fell on deaf ears. The show was broken into three acts and the night started with “Bread and Circus” with Keenan in his Dick Merkin persona. The band which includes Carina Round on vocals and guitar along with Mat Mitchell on bass and keys rounded out by Josh Moreau on bass and Gunnar Olsen on drums was tight and in addition to the incredible musicianship also put on an amazing visual performance.

Songs off Existential Reckoning made up the bulk of the set with older material sprinkled in appropriately. For Act III Keenan transformed himself into the blonde Billy Dee character as the band ended the night with “Conditions of my Parole” and “Bedlamite”. The show was a perfect combination of the odd and unexpected which is truly Maynard James Keenan.

Puscifer Set List:

Act I : Bread and Circus | Postulous | Fake Affront | The Underwhelming | Grey Area | Theorem | Vagina Mine | UPGrade

Act II: Apocalyptical | The Remedy | Personal Prometheus | A Singularity | The Humbling River

Act III: Bullet Train to Iowa | Flippant | Conditions of My Parole | Bedlamite

Billy Howerdel