Slipknot is undeniably the biggest extreme metal band in the world in 2022 . . . when they hit the scene in 1999, the band quickly proved that nine dudes in masks was more than a gimmick as they destroyed the 2nd stage all summer long with their intense flavor of nu-metal on Ozzfest 99. Now some 23 years later they march to the beat of their own drum . . . First Knotfest the destination festival and now Knotfest Roadshow the tour as well as headlining the biggest festivals in North America and Europe, Slipknot make their own rules. Having been a touring machine since the return of live music after the Covid-19 pandemic, Slipknot along with Cypress Hill and Ho99o9 played the last show of their spring/summer Knotfest Roadshow at North Island Credit Union Amphitheater in Chula Vista on Saturday night June 18.

Ho99o9 (pronounced Horror) is a hip hop infused punk band featuring the theOGM on vocals, Eaddy on vocals and various instruments and touring drummer Billy Rymer. The band is out supporting their killer new album which dropped back in March 2022 – SKIN. They ripped through an 11-song set that included “Bite My Face”, a HEAVY, banger of a tune that features Corey Taylor (no unfortunately Taylor didn’t join Ho99o9 onstage for this) but the song rocked hard live regardless.

West Coast Hip Hop kings and cannabis advocates Cypress Hill rocked the stage next. Cypress Hill may seem like an odd-pairing with Slipknot but it actually worked well and the capacity crowd was definitely in-tune with the band the entire time. DJ Lord kicked off the set with some of heavy metals hardest tunes to hype the crowd then B-Real and Eric Bobo took the stage and went into “I Wanna Get High”. Noticeably missing was Sen Dog who had to sit out this tour due to a medical issue which was a bummer for the fans but B-Real did a tremendous job on the vocals the entire set while puffing a 12-inch blunt throughout his time onstage.

“Dr Greenthumb”, “Hits from the Bong” and “Insane in the Brain” were of course fan favorites and oddly they didn’t play anything from their March 2022 release Back in Black. They ended the night with a killer cover of House of Pain’s “Jump Around”.

At 9:00pm sharp AC/DC’s “For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)” blasted over the PA followed by part of “Get Behind Me Satan and Push” before Corey Taylor lets out an evil laugh just as the guitar intro to “Disasterpiece” begins then with a super loud explosion the curtain drops and absolute chaos began and NEVER let up for the next 2-hours as Slipknot delivered a gem of a 17-song set.

In Addition to Slipknot being on top of the world as a band, Corey Taylor has proven himself as the most powerful metal vocalist in current times. Sporting a new version of his mask that somewhat resembles a baseball with eyelets to see, it is without a doubt Taylors most disturbing mask to date. “Disasterpiece”, “Wait and Bleed” and “All Out Life” were the 1-2-3 punch that opened the show with such ferocity coupled with some serious pyro – you could feel the heat everywhere in the venue.

Mick Thomson and Jim Root flank each side of the stage as they are constantly headbanging while belting out those crunchy riffs, Sid Wilson and Craig Jones mix in the turntables and samples with Wilson quite active running around the stage. Shawn “Clown” Crahan and Michael Pfaff are high on their percussion risers on each side of the stage providing that extra layer of drumbeats and backing vocals. Then there is bass player Alessandro Venturella who quietly moves around the stage always in a different spot with his lighted fretboard on his bass and last but certainly not least is the human drum machine Jay Weinberg who is just a beast on his kit – WOW!!

The crowd was your typical Slipknot crowd – extremely rowdy, lots of crowd surfing and of course a huge mosh pit down in front. Taylor would occasionally take time to address the crowd between songs and made sure to let everyone in attendance know they were all one big heavy metal family. Taylor also stated that he has a vaguely happy answer to when new Slipkot music will be out and his answer was – soon, soon, soon . . . no exact date but certain in the next month . . . something for Slipknot fans to look forward to!

The main set ended with “Spit it Out” which had the crowd jumping up and down the entire song then shit got more viscous than ever on this night as the show ended with “People = Shit” and then “Surfacing”. Slipknot gets better and better every tour and the stage production is fantastic with the visuals and pyro. The final leg of the 2022 Knotfest Roadshow kicks off in Nashville, TN on September 20 and ends in Irvine, CA on October 7.

Slipknot Set List:

Disasterpiece | Wait and Bleed | All Out Life | Sulfur | Before I Forget | The Chapeltown Rag | Dead Memories | Unsainted | The Heretic Anthem | Psychosocial | The Devil in I | Snuff | Vermilion | Duality | Spit It Out

Encore: | People = Shit | Surfacing


Cypress Hill