One of the greatest modern Progressive Metal bands took the stage at The Belasco Theater in Los Angeles on Wednesday June 1 as Symphony X made a triumphant return to the City of Angels. Along for the ride on this tour are fellow Progressive heavyweights Haken and Alternative/Progressive newcomers Trope. These three bands made for an unforgettable night at The Belasco that had Progressive diehards in their element all night long.

This is Symphony X’s first time on the road since August 2019 as they have been spreading the Progessive Metal Love across North America since the beginning of May. Led by vocal powerhouse Russell Allen and guitar virtuoso Michael Romeo along with fellow original members Michael Pinnella on keyboards and Jason Rullo on drums with Michael Lepond on bass rounding out this super talented group, the band opened the night with “Nevermore” then into Evolution “(The Grand Design)”.

A few things always stick out at a Symphony X show – Russell Allen always pleasantly speaking with the audience between songs and the bands ability to always seem to improvise a bit through each song making the song THAT much better . . . Oh and you can’t leave out the amazing solos from Michael Romeo (and a cool little bass solo by Michael Lepond on this night). The set ended with an amazing version of “The Odyssey” bringing this exciting night to a close.

Trope and Haken fit perfectly on this touring bill and both performed an amazing set getting The Belasco Theater properly primed for Symphony X.

Symphony X Set List

Nevermore | Evolution (The Grand Design) | Serpent’s Kiss | Sea of Lies | Without You | When All Is Lost | Kiss of Fire | Run With the Devil | Set the World on Fire (The Lie of Lies) | The Odyssey



Symphony X