After performing 16 shows in Europe early this summer, Red Hot Chili Peppers have kicked off their massive stadium tour here in North America in support of their April 2022 release Unlimited Love. Making the first of three stops in thier home state of CA, the band played a SOLD-OUT show at Petco Park in San Diego on Wednesday night July 27. Opening the show for most dates is Thundercat with the middle slot on this night filled by Los Angeles based Haim.

Thundercat is fronted by bassist/vocalist Steve Bruner who you may be familiar with as he played bass in Suicidal Tendencies for a few years. Bruner plays a beautiful custom 6-string bass and is one funky mother-funker. The band played a short but memorable set that laid that funk foundation for the remainder of the night. It is recommended you get to the show early to catch this band – definitely two thumbs up for these guys.

Haim consisting of sisters Este, Danielle and Alana Haim seemed a bit out of place as although their set was pleasant it was more pop oriented, and this show needed an aggressive, punky/funky band to play before the Chili Peppers. “A” for effort but this band would be more at home on a smaller stage playing directly to their own fans.

The sun had set and the cool ocean air filled Petco Park as the stadium was now jammed packed and at 8:45pm the lights dropped and Flea, Chad Smith and John Frusciante hit the stage with a five minute instrumental jam before Anthony Kiedis took the stage in a bright red jacket and the band opened the show with a scorching rendition of “Around the World” then into “Dani California” and “The Zephyr Song”. A killer 1-2-3 punch to start the show.

The stage had a massive video wall behind it that went all the up and over onto the ceiling of the stage. Another rounded video board hung down four feet from the front of the stage and all this made for an amazing visual with lots of colors and shapes displayed throughout the songs – almost a psychedelic vibe to the show that just looked amazing in this huge stadium.

The band looked like they were having a blast performing – lots of smiles and interaction. Kiedis with his short hair and “pornstache” sounded powerful and on point with a larger-than-life stage persona leading the band through their set. After only one song Kiedis removed his jacket revealing his tattooed torso and he looks fit and healthy – certainly better than most men his age.

As usual Flea had an oddly but definitely cool colored hair style with pink, yellow and blue coloring which only added to his energetic bass playing. Without a doubt one of the funkiest bass players in existence. He along with drummer Chad Smith create the thumping foundation for the band’s sound. Smith tucked away behind his massive kit is very animated as he pounds the skins.

Then there is John Frusciante – YES Frusciante is back and boy did we all miss his playing style. His riffs and soulful backing vocals complete this band . . . his presence made this show that much more of a memorable event. Welcome back and please stay forever this time!

The band played four songs off the newest release Unlimited Love while incorporating some of the classics like “Suck My Kiss” and “Give it Away”. The band announced just a few days prior at their show in Denver that they will release ANOTHER new album in October titled Return of the Dream Canteen as the band seems to be riding their creative wave from the amazing work on Unlimited Love.

At the end of the 16-song set, Red Hot Chili Peppers played a 2-song encore that included the slower “I Could Have Lied” before revving the engine to 10,000 RPM with a super spirited version of “By the Way” to end the night. Kiedis shouted to the capacity crowd “We Love You and until we meet again, be good to each other” and the band left the stage. AMAZING show at an AMAZING stadium (Petco Park – home of the Padres MLB baseball team) and THANK YOU Live Nation for always putting on the finest shows . . . Red Hot Chili Peppers continue to deliver a spectacle live and show no signs of slowing down. Catch the masters of Funk Rock through September as they cross the USA into Canada then head down to Australia and New Zealand in January 2023.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Set List:

Intro Jam | Around the World | Dani California | The Zephyr Song | Here Ever After | Mommy, Where’s Daddy? (Instrumental jam) | Snow ((Hey Oh)) | I Like Dirt | These Are the Ways | Throw Away Your Television | She’s a Lover | Right on Time (with a tease of ” London Calling” by The Clash) | Suck My Kiss | Otherside | Black Summer | Californication with a jam of “What Is Soul?” by Funkadelic | Give It Away

Encore: I Could Have Lied | By the Way


Red Hot Chili Peppers