Rock to Recovery – if you are not familiar with the organization here is a brief introduction then go make a donation at . . .

Founded on December 12, 2012 by former Hed P.E. and Korn guitarist Wes Geer, Rock to Recovery is an effort to give non-musicians access to the magic, and healing powers of playing music and advance the use of music expression groups in various treatment settings. In each session, program participants form a band, write a song together, and record their work, offering an uplifting, therapeutic release to patients recovering from PTSD, alcoholism, drug addiction, depression, cancer treatments and more. Rock to Recovery typically operates as an adjunct service to a treatment center’s curriculum, and in just four years, the program has grown to become an integral part of the weekly treatment curriculum for nearly eighty programs around the country.

Rock to Recovery’s non-profit entity also donates its services to the U.S. Department of Defense’s Wounded Warriors program, state-funded programs and indigent rehabs like the Salvation Army and Clare Foundation, programs for at-risk youths including Turning Point and North County Lifeline, as well as Breath of Heaven, and local VA programs including New Directions for Veterans and the Brentwood VA.

Each year Rock to Recovery puts on a benefit concert in Los Angeles as an annual fundraising celebration as well as honoring public figures who have battled and overcome an addiction as a member of the music and entertainment community. The benefit concert also includes music by the Sacred Sons which includes Wes Geer and other sober musicians featuring special guests each year.

On Saturday July 9, the Rock to Recovery 5 benefit show was held at The Fonda Theater in Los Angeles. The 2022 awards recipients included Actor Comedian Jay Mohr receiving the Rock to Recovery Service Award and Emmy Award winning Actor/Singer Keith David recieving the Rock to Recovery ICON Award. The night started with Mohr receiving his award then entertaining the crowd with 20 minutes of stand-up comedy that focused on his battle with addiction – lots of laughs but ultimately very inspiring.

Keith David next excepted his award with a touching speech then gave the crowd 20 minutes of mesmerizing vocals with his deep soothing voice. The night then focused on the music for the next 90 minutes with a beautiful performance by America’s Got Talent contestant and songwriter Lily Meola flanked by members of the band Hu3m3n (pronounced human) which is Wes Geer’s band that also includes Clinton Calton (from punk band D.I.) and Matt Bartosch.

The main music event of the night was up next that included Wes Geer, Clinton Calton, Sonny Mayo, Brandon Jordan, Acey Slade, Scott Underwood, Matt Bartosch, Monte Pittman and many more playing a mix-up of cover songs that had the Fonda rocking from front to back. The night appeared to be an overwhelming success and those in attendance had the opportunity to donate to the cause with all the silent auctions featuring signed music and sports memorabilia.

The night began with a red-carpet event right out on the sidewalk on Hollywood Blvd that featured the nights guests plus many members of the sober community and the local Los Angeles music and entertainment scene. Anticipation is already high for next year’s Rock to Recovery 6 and a BIG thanks to Wes Geer for all his efforts to help others and a congratulations on his continued success living a sober life!!

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