The Brooklyn Bowl Nashville hosted two phenomenal artists on Monday August 22nd, Faye Webster and Maya Hawke. The Brooklyn Bowl Nashville is a great addition to the Nashville music scene since it opened its door two years ago. The wide main floor and large stage coupled with quality lighting, top notch sound, and caring staff creates the perfect intermediate sized music venue. With a capacity of over 1200 it has become one of the best places to enjoy an evening of music here in Middle Tennessee.    

The sold-out show began with a great set of 10 songs sung by Maya Hawke accompanied by her two excellent guitarists. Maya was flawless in tonal texture bringing fun lighthearted warmth to each of the well crafted intelligent songs she sang. About halfway through the set she sang a vocal duet of Crazy Kid with her lead guitarist that truly shined. Hawke’s ability to keep the packed house fully engaged throughout the entirety of her set was outstanding seeing how opening acts tend to face crowds that are impatiently awaiting the headliner to perform, which was not the case at this show.     

Following Maya’s performance, Faye Webster and band mesmerized the standing-room only crowd with a deeply powerful set of twelve alluring songs that totally captivated her fans. Each song she played seemed to flow together like streams joining to create one massive river of pure musical joy. The audience was enveloped within Faye’s lyrical consciousness of thought and perception resulting in an excellent uplifting evening of music.      

Faye Webster is a 25 year old American singer-songwriter from Atlanta Georgia who has created a standalone music style built upon imaginative image based lyrics. Every song she’s written seems to challenge ones own thoughts and life perspective through deep personal meanings of the reality she envisions. Sharing these thoughts through her beautiful songs is a brave openhearted venture that has gained Faye a loyal rapidly growing following of fans.

Faye’s latest music Car Therapy Sessions reimagines a set of featured songs from two previous albums I Know I’m Funny Haha (2021) and Atlanta Millionaires Club (2019) that she performs with an orchestra. These five songs are enchanting brilliant new versions of some of her best music that Faye has emerged within the full sounds of an accompanying orchestra. Faye Webster has created something very special with the release of Car Therapy Sessions (2022).           

Faye has been touring nearly nonstop since September of 2021. She opened several shows for Haim, Wilco, performed at a verity of music festivals, and as the headliner sold-out countless shows this year. Faye’s remaining 2022 tour is headed west from Nashville for several more shows followed by a few weeks in the UK and then back home to Atlanta for two special performances at Variety Playhouse November 18th & 19th. For more information on Faye Webster visit her website

Maya Hawke is a 24 year old actress, model, and singer-songwriter. She was born in New York City and is the daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke. Maya is widely known for her acting role as ‘Robin Buckley’ in Netflix’s Stranger Things; however, she has performed in several other successful movies, TV shows, and modeling ventures.

Maya’s first two singles were released in 2019, and she started playing live shows in 2020 releasing her debut album Blush later that year. Her music style is indie alternative folk set to poetry like form and rhythm of storytelling. Hawke’s second album, Moss, is set to release on September 23rd of this year. Maya’s remaining 3 shows in September are sold-out. For more information on Maya Hawke visit,

Maya Hawke

Faye Webster