My Chemical Romance put on one hell of a killer show at Bridgestone Arena on August 23rd. This long-awaited reunion tour, postponed twice due to COVID issues, was greatly anticipated to be one of Nashville’s legendary shows, and without a doubt it fully lived up to all the hype.

Fans of all ages lined up for blocks around the arena fully dressed to the bands many stylistic iconic apparels. The nineteen thousand plus that packed the house were totally in sync with every song in this 90 minute long set by MCR. One could not ask for a better show as MCR played 19 of their best songs, which included a three-song encore that charged-up the crowd at the home of the Nashville Predators hockey team as though the Stanley Cup had just been won ten-times over.

Yes, this show was on steroids from the moment bandleader Gerard Way stepped out dressed in a white and green cheerleader outfit while Mikey Way (bass), Frank Iero (rhythm guitar), and Ray Toro (lead guitar) wore matching “Mikey F*****g Way” t-shirts. Together the band jammed out one song after another sounding like we all stepped back in time to one of their great gigs of those early days. If MCR is coming to your area on their “Reunion Tour”, don’t miss it no matter what. Regardless of your music preference, MCR is performing at their highest levels ever, and this tour will go down as one of those unforgettable times in music history.

My Chemical Romance will be touring in the USA, Canada, and Mexico through November 2022 along with tour dates next spring in Australia. For more information visit their website

My Chemical Romance Set List:

The Foundations of Decay | Boy Division | Our Lady of Sorrows | Give ‘em Hell, Kid | House of Wolves | Summertime | Teenagers | Thank You For The Venom | I’m Not Okay | Destroya | Na Na Na | The World Is Ugly | This Is The Best Day Ever | Welcome To The Black Parade | Mama | Sleep | Famous Last Words | Helena

Encore: Vampire Money | Hang ‘Em High | The Kids From Yesterday