Sunday nights are usually for relaxing and gearing up for the week ahead, well not on Sunday night September 18 in Los Angeles, CA as progressive metal masters The Contortionist and Rivers of Nihil totally ROCKED the El Rey theater with their ultra-heavy progressive flavor of extreme metal.

Only a year old, the September 2021 release The Work was played in its entirety by the Pennsylvania technical death metal masters Rivers of Nihil. Vocalist Jake Dieffenbach had full command of the El Rey Theater as he led the band through the cinematically powerful song of The Work. The crowd was more of in awe of the band’s technical talents mor so than moshing or crowd surfing, but the intensity of the musical delivery was no less intense. This band is a machine live and the perfect way to warm yourself up for The Contortionist.

The Contortionist also had a special treat for the fans on this tour – they are playing not only one but two albums in their entirety – 2010’s Exoplanet and 2014’s Language. They started the night of with Language and worked their way through the songs in order with razor sharp precision with the dark moody lighting in the venue. As going through Language wasn’t enough, Exoplanet is just a masterpiece when played in its entirety and hearing it live was super special. This band is a progressive machine on their instruments and vocalist Michael Lessard did all the songs justice with his vocal delivery.

This amazing tour runs through mid-October ending in Indianapolis and is a must see for any extreme metal progressive fan.

Rivers of Nihil

The Contortionist