The state of CT may be most well-known for its amazing brick oven pizza and the home of Yale University and ESPN but its greatest musical export is without a doubt hardcore metal veterans Hatebreed who are out celebrating 20 years since the release of their groundbreaking album Perseverance. The band has had a rotating cast of openers on this tour and on Saturday November 19 at House of Blues in Anaheim, CA, Dying Wish and BodySnatcher opened the SOLD-OUT show with direct support from Orange County hardcore natives Bleeding Through.

Dying Wish and Bodysnatcher kicked off the night as the venue filled up quickly with hungry hardcore fans ready to feed their appetite for headbanging and crowd surfing. Both of these bands more than delivered as an opening act and got the intensity at the House of Blues at a high level prior to Bleeding Through hitting the stage.

When Bleeding Through did take the stage and hit the first note of “Revenge I Seek” you knew this was going to be a special set as the entire venue just exploded. Vocalist Brandan Schieppati is an all-out beast onstage and had the crowd moving instantly. Schieppati has a bit less hair and much more muscle-mass than in the old days but man he is more viscous than ever onstage. With the bands on-again/off again status it is obvious the fans take these Bleeding Through shows seriously and make the most of the moment as you never know when it may be the last show.

The band currently consists of longtime members Derek Youngsma on drums and Marta Peterson on keyboards with Ryan Wombacher on bass as well as touring guitarists John Arnold and Brandon Richter and this version of the band just truly RIPS. Schieppati made his way down into the crowd a few times and even did a bit of crowd surfing while singing. The sheer intensity of the entire set was off the hook – the crowd stepped up the intensity during “Orange County Blonde and Blue” and the set ended with “Kill to Believe”. . . not many bands could match or exceed the force and passion that Bleeding Through just delivered but Hatebreed was up for the challenge.

At 9:45pm Quiet Riot’s Metal Health blasted over the PA as the band took the stage and began their 90-minute set with “To the Threshold” and vocalist Jamey Jasta immediately owned the crowd constantly encouraging the circle pits. “A Stroke of Red” followed then things got totally insane with “Destroy Everything” as the crowd surfing and mosh pits intensified.

Jasta and his bandmates Chris Beattie on bass, Matt Byrne on drums with Frank Novinec and Wayne Lozinak on guitars have been pummeling cities across the USA since October 25 as they honor 20 years of Perseverance. Released in 2002, it was Hatebreed’s second full length album and the one elevated them to the next level. Jasta thanked Dino Cazares (who was at the show) and Kerry King for taking Hatebreed out on so many tours and helping them further establish themselves in the metal community back in the early days. Jasta, always such a humble, down to earth dude also dedicated “Last Breath” to the late Trevor Strnad who took his life tragically back in early 2022.

The band played a great mix of new and old during the first half of the show including “Under the Knife” from their 1996 EP of the same name. Now this is where the REALLY cool part of the show began . . . all the die-hard Hatebreed fans know who Sean Martin is, he played guitar in the band from 1999-2009 and was then replaced with Lozinak who oddly played in the band originally before Martin. Well to help celebrate Perseverance, the band invited Martin to join them on this tour and he put down his tattoo gun and picked up his guitar again and the band played the majority of the Perseverance album and a few other Hatebreed favorites with 3 guitar players – Martin, Lozinak and Novinec – this was totally brilliant and was KILLER to watch and listen too. Jasta is one of the premier frontman in the metal community and knows how to work a crowd, has great positive things to say in-between songs and just KICKS ASS during his time onstage. The band ended the night with “This is Now” and then the most well-known song from Perseverance “I Will Be Heard”. This night could not have been more perfect – Dying Wish, Bodysnatcher and Bleeding Through ramped up from the get-go and Hatebreed took the handoff and finished the night with a total banger of a show!

Hatebreed Set List:

To the Threshold | A Stroke of Red | Destroy Everything | Before Dishonor | Looking Down the Barrel of Today | Empty Promises | Under the Knife

Hatebreed with Sean Martin:

Final Prayer | You’re Never Alone | Healing to Suffer Again | A Call for Blood | Hollow Ground | Smash Your Enemies | As Diehard as They Come | Last Breath | Perseverance | Proven | Tear It Down | Live for This | This Is Now | I Will Be Heard

Bleeding Through