The SoCalMusicToday.com Team

Paul Hebert Founder / Editor in Chief / Photographer (Nashville, TN)
Paul is an avid photographer and has shot everything imaginable from major sporting events to premiere Hollywood award shows, to some of the biggest music festivals in the country. An avid lover of wildlife in particular wolves, which he is an active advocate of their recovery. His musical tastes range from Slayer, to Kenny Rogers, to Deadmau5 and everything in between.
Chris Loomis – Managing Editor / Photographer / Writer (Orange County, CA)
Chris combined his interest in photography with his passion for live music in 2008 and has never looked back.
Dan Siebold – Photographer /  Writer (Orange County, CA)
Fueled by his passion for live music and the photographic medium, Dan caught the concert photography bug many years ago.  From Alternative Rock to Old School R&B to Love Songs on The Coast, his eclectic taste in music is confusing to some but appreciated by a select few…however, his iPod is heavy with British electronic music from the ‘80s (Depeche Mode, OMD, Pet Shop Boys, New Order).  Dan’s goal at each show is to find a way to create compelling & emotional concert photos that mirror the artist’s musical style.
 Kevin Baldes – Photographer (Orange County, CA)
Alex Matthews – Photographer / Writer (San Diego, CA)
Dave Safley – Photographer/Writer (Orange County, CA)
Rose Guererrd – Photographer/Writer (Los Angeles, CA)
Karina Parker – Photographer (Los Angeles, CA)
Lisa Burke – Writer (Los Angeles, CA)
Lori Coremin – Photographer/Writer (Ft. Wayne, IN)
Madeline Crumpler – Photographer/Writer (Charlotte, NC)
Joey Dunst – Photographer/Writer (Minneapolis, MN)
Maurice Nunez – Photographer/Writer (Los Angeles, CA)
Rich Esteban – Photographer/Writer (Los Angeles, CA)
Jacob Darby – Photographer/Writer (Oklahoma City, OK)
Adam Freeny – Photographer/Writer (Mobile, AL)
Ayumi Senesac – Photographer/Writer (Los Angeles, CA)